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6"oval clutch. Cherry wood.
Carved bone seashells


Left purse -6" creel purse with shoulder strap.
Right purse- 6x4 oval creel with shoulder strap.
In Front: 6" oval clutch with carved bone seashells

7" oval tall purse with
double swing cherry handles, cherry rims

Large 13" oval and
medium sized totes

10'" Oval Purse
w/Custom Scrimshaw (Top)


10'" Oval Purse
w/Custom Scrimshaw (Front)


3qt. Ice Bucket, 7"Oval Purse
6" Oval Purse, Mini Creel Purse


Small Cherry Tote, 3qt. Maple Ice Bucket
Med. Cherry Tote

Inside Plaque of Children's
Names w/Birthdates


7" Oval Tall (John Kane) Purse with
Carved Ivory Seashells

Seashell Quarterboard w/Name

7" Flatback Shoulder Purse
7" Round Purse

6" Oval Coctail Purse
w/Cherry Rims and
Carved Ivory Seashells

Inside Purse Engraved
with Message

7" John Kane Purse
with Custom Scrimshaw


Flatback Purse with Custom Scrimshaw

7" Coctail Purse
with Cherry Rims


Inside 7" Coctail Purse
with Cherry Rims


7" John Kane Purse Top

7" John Kane Purse


Inside 7" John Kane Purse

7 1/2" scallop purse with
carved ivory sailboat & double swing handles

5 1/2" scallop purse with
carved bone shells

8" traditional oval purse
with custom scrim ivory


Purse with
optional snap-on Leather Strap


7" Oval purse,
custom scrim ivory, cherry rims


8" oval pagoda purse with carved bone seashells.
Cherry wood.






Please contact Dana by email:

Please allow several weeks to a couple of months for weaving.
Custom scrimshaw, and carved ivory takes a minimum 4 to 6 weeks.

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